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MECHANIMAL is a modular band from Athens (GR), an industrial project in progress, a collective of musicians and video artists, recording in various permutations and staying true to the original roots of post-punk melancholy. They were founded in 2011 by Giannis Papaioannou (synthesizers & beats) and Freddie Faulkenberry (vocals), and their first self-titled album was released in 2012 by Inner Ear Records. Since then, they have released 5 albums and 10 singles, participated in various compilations and remixed Greek and foreign artists (Τhe Last Drive, Dead Astronauts, Tenderlash, Q-7 Three Times, Meat Injection, Collapse of Dawn).



MECHANIMAL celebrate their 10th anniversary with the release of "Living With Animal Ghosts"!

The album features 17 remixes from fellow artists. All original songs are written and produced by Mechanimal. Coming out on CD & Digital via Inner Ear Records, out on January 14th!

Mechanimal's sixth album includes remixes from fellow artists: Dans Mon Salon, Psychedelic Trips To Death, Jared Kyle (Dead Astronauts’ singer, who translated and sang the English version of "Shadows On The Wall"), Lia Hide (who turned "The Den" into a new version duet with her voice), Christoph Kardek, TheMute, Rodney Orpheus (of The “legendary” Cassandra Complex), Q-7 Three Times, Misfortunes, Ice_Eyes, Digital Alkemist, ΦΩΝΟΠΤΙΚΟΝ, Ilias Katelanos, Lego Boy , HADA, Meat Injection, Dipa Brothers.



In Mechanimal's words:

“For the tenth anniversary from the formation of Mechanimal we thought it would be interesting to ask our friends or fellow artists to choose their favorite Mechanimal song and remix it, edit it, or do as they wished, according to their own sound and style. We provided the raw material to them and each gave us back a new song, for Mechanimal’s 6th album. For us, it’s an honor, as well as extremely touching, for musicians to open a dialogue through our music with their music.

The results have been more than exciting and at times we thought of how great it would be to play this album live with all of them. Our "Mechanical Beast" felt in tune with these craftsmen shifting its gears and it did not feel bad at all! Neither did it growl; and as it confessed to us, when the final album was finished, it gained strength, and “tuned in” for another ten years. We dedicate this album to our friends, who are our fans, who are our idols. Thank you!”

MCHNML, 2022

Available track for airplay |

Red Mirror - Rodney Orpheus Club Mix is free available for airplay, DJ lists, podcasts and radio shows. Send request at mgmt[at]pr[dot]elektrospank[dot]com. If you wish to receive a promo digital copy of the album, please contact us at mgmt[at]pr[dot]elektrospank[dot]com.



"Living With Animal Ghosts" Track list:

1. In Somber Accent (Dans Mon Salon Remix)
2. Un _ Mobility (Psychedelic Trips To Death Remix)
3. Shadows On The Wall (Jared Kyle Remix)
4. The Den (Lia Hide Version)
5. Winter Mute (Christoph Kardek Remix)
6. Easy Dead (TheMute Remix)
7. Red Mirror (Rodney Orpheus Club Mix)
8. Sehnsucht (Q-7 Three Times Version)
9. Εμπρός! (Misfortunes Remix)
10. Scavengers (Ice_Eyes Remix)
11. Cut Communications (Digital Alkemist Remix)
12. Secret Science (ΦΩΝΟΠΤΙΚΟΝ Remix)
13. We Come Alive (Ilias Katelanos Remix)
14. Stolen Flesh (Lego Boy Remix)
15. Sharon (HADA Remix)
16. Κόκκινη Η Ποίηση Τρέχει (Meat Injection Remix)
17. Illuminations (Dipa Brothers 4-Ton Dynamite Skank)



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